Giving Your Pet Medication with a Transdermal Applicator

Ask PHP Pete!

Dear PHP Pete,

My poor cat! Charcoal, needs to take pills daily for a chronic condition, and every morning he runs from me to hide because he knows I have the pill for him. I’ve tried the sneak attack and waited until he was comfortably purring on my lap before I gave him the pill but this only makes him hesitant to sit on my lap.

Today I was running late for work, couldn’t locate my shoes, and was spilling my coffee as I tried to drag him out from under the bed to give him the pill –there has to be a better way! I feel like I am so mean to Charcoal and he just does not understand I am only trying to help. Can you please help me find a better solution?

Feline Failure

transdermal applicator

Dear Feline Failure,

You are not a failure at all! You are providing the medical care your pet needs and he is lucky to have your support. PHP Pete does have a better solution for you: a transdermal applicator.

Picture this: Charcoal is purring contently on your lap, you are ahead of schedule, your shoes are at the door ready to go and your cup of coffee is safely resting on the table next to you. You use a soft silicon transdermal applicator tip to apply medication in a gel form to the inner skin of Charcoal’s ear. Charcoal feels your tender comforting touch and he is at peace. You continue to pet him as you wipe off the tip and replace the cap over the applicator tip. Perfect bliss for both you and Charcoal! He is medicated and you have earned a new name: Fantastic Feline Friend!

Not all medications are formulated for a transdermal applicator so please call your Pet Health pharmacist at 800.742.0516 to speak about your pet’s specific need, or e-mail us at

PHP Pete