Pet Health is on the Move! Joining AVRIO Pharmacy to Accommodate Growth

Great news!  Pet Health is growing and has moved into a new larger facility focused on our veterinary patients.  This move allows us to provide faster service, offer a wider range of pet medications, provide convenient delivery/shipping methods, and keep our competitive pricing

Pet Parent FAQs

What happens to my pet’s prescription?

Your pet’s records, including new, pending, or refill prescription(s) will be transferred to and processed at Pet Health’s new location. If we have any questions for you or your veterinarian, we will be sure to reach out in a timely manner. You may continue to reach us at the same phone number, 1.800.742.0516.

Will I have to pay more for my medication?

NO!  You will pay the same price or less for your pet’s prescription(s).

What do I have to do?

We are taking care of everything! Pet Health & AVRIO are working together to make the transition as smooth as possible for our pet owners and veterinarians. If you do not contact Pet Health at Avrio Pharmacy to let us know you would like to fill your pet’s prescription at another pharmacy, we will consider this your request to continue filling your pet’s prescription with Pet Health at Avrio Pharmacy.

Will my prescriptions take longer to process?

Prescriptions in our new, larger facility are processed quickly, and in many cases, same-day turnaround.

Can I still pick up my orders?

Yes. The new home for Pet Health is at Avrio Pharmacy, and our address is 9015 E Pima Center Pkwy #3, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258. Beginning September 1st, your pet’s medication(s) will be compounded at the Scottsdale location, and you may begin picking up your pet’s medications(s) at the Scottsdale location at this time. For local pet owners accustomed to picking up their pet’s medications in Youngtown, call and speak to a Patient Care technician for additional delivery methods.

Do I have to provide my credit card number again?

Yes, we will need to provide us with your credit card information when we process your pet’s medication(s) the first time in our new facility. By law, and to protect your personally identifiable information, we cannot transfer that information to Pet Health at the new pharmacy location. You can expect a call from one on of our Veterinary-trained Technicians.

What other benefits will I have access to?

Our new facility gives us the ability to fill more of your pet’s medication needs. We have a full sterile lab (for ophthalmic eye drops, soft chews, oncology medications, etc), and we keep a wide range of competitively priced commercial medications and OTC items in stock.

If you have questions or concerns please call or email us”



*Avrio Pharmacy is not currently licensed in AL, AR, DC, LA, MD, MS, NH, NJ, OK, TN, VT, and WV. Separate communication will follow with additional information on how we will ensure your pet has a convenient transition of care.